Mai 2017
- September 2016
Creative Technology Director
Berlin, Germany

Fjord is a global design company offering services to international clients.

My main role was to establish software production as part of the creative process.

  • Define the role of software production in the company
  • Create infrastructure and dev ops
  • Create processes for rapid prototyping and delivery
  • Hiring and onboarding developers
June 2016
- November 2014
Technical Lead & Architect
New York, US | Berlin, Germany

Team lead for multiple concurrent projects for Chanel.

  • Technical project management
  • Client advisory
  • Supporting architecture and implementation
  • Day to day operations
December 2015
- November 2015
Training & Development Consultant
Bengaluru, India

Overseeing front end implementation for a US customer and training of the local FE developers.

  • On-site training of local developers
September 2014
- January 2014
Technical Lead & Architect
New York, US | Berlin, Germany

Optimization and refactoring of the main hub of Chanel marketing activities.

My task was to vastly improve speed and memory usage across all platforms and devices. The site is designed to run on desktop, tablets and mobile platforms with specific optimizations for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and IE8.

  • Optimized network requests, CPU usage, memory usage
  • Refactored code
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Participated on client advisory
  • Coordination between design, UX, front end, translation, marketing and QA
January 2014
- October 2013
Lead Front End Developer
Paris, France | Berlin, Germany

Optimization and refactoring of main intranet site for 60.000 users on a MS Sharepoint platform.

My task was to decrease the load time and increase the overall performance. We went from 16 sec per page load to 2 sec. In addition we added responsive web design to make the site easier available across platforms and devices.

  • Debugging and correcting of existing code for performance issues
  • Integration with MS Sharepoint front end services
  • General cleanup and re-structuring of code
October 2013
- April 2013
Lead Front End Developer & Architect
Berlin, Germany

Mapicture is a Berlin based company offering statistical and GIS services B2B.

Working with D3 and Leaflet to create the presentation of geo statistical information. Porting the current SaaS application including the administrative interface from Flash to HTML5.

  • Responsible for architecture and implementation
  • Responsible for back end integration
  • Implementation of interactive graphs and diagrams
  • Working with unusual large data sets and accompanying data structures
June 2012
- Mai 2012
Front End Developer
Copenhagen, Denmark

TDC is the Danish equivalent of Deutsche Telekom or AT&T.

Internal project building a tool to assist marketing.

  • WYSIWYG browser based editor for image maps
  • Mouse support for creating, resizing and positioning squares, circles and polygons
October 2011
- December 2010
Front End Developer
Berlin, Germany

Working together with an expert team of front end developers, to implement a social service for sharing travel experiences, based on Nokia HERE maps.

  • Implementation of various GIS functionality
  • Fluid and responsive design for a variaty of devices
November 2010
- February 2009
Lead Front End Developer
Bengaluru, India | Paris, France | Copenhagen, Denmark

Valtech is a global full service digital agency, helping high profile international companies with digital transformation.

In my role as Lead Front End Developer I worked on a global e-commerce product for an international French client. As part of the technical team I succeeded in streamlining collaboration between India and Denmark, introduced dev ops and assisted the project management team.

  • Responsible for front end architecture and implementation.
  • Responsible for back end integration.
  • Training of local developers in Bengaluru, India
  • Coordination and collaboration between Valtech Denmark, France, India and IBM in Canada.
Mai 2008
- December 2008
UI Developer
Copenhagen, Denmark

Creuna is a Scandinavian digital agency serving local clients.

  • UI and front end development for a variety of Danish clients.
  • Relaunch of shopping portals for Danish companies Magasin and Matas